EMERGENCY COORDINATOR ASSISTANTS: KA8NZS                                                                                                                                        G.C./A.R.E.S. DOCUMENTS:                                                                       If you wish to become a member of the Guernsey County Amateur Radio Emergency Service please fill out the ARES registration form and email it to contact Dick Wayt at                                                          All pages are in PDF form. If you do not have a PDF reader program click the link below to download the free program from Adobe. The correct download is at the top of the page to the right, Download Acrobat Reader DC Make Sure All Check Box’s To The Left Are Unchecked or you will also download those programs.     


(C.A.R.A. TUESDAY NIGHT NET 8:00PM)                                    G.C. NTS_ARES_NET_PREAMBLE V-4.PDF

OTHER OPEN RESOURCES:                                                          ARES REGISTRATION FORM                                                        ABOUT A READY KIT.PDF                                                                       ABOUT BASIC DEPLOYMENT EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST ABOUT OHIO ARES.PDF                                                                ABOUT OHIO ARES_TYPES OF EMERGENCY NETS.PDF          ARRL ARES PAGE                                                                            ARRL ARES MANUAL                                                                         ARRL fsd3 Emergency_Routine message Precedences.PDF                                                                                ARRL MESSAGE FORM INSTRUCTIONS A.PDF                              ARRL MESSAGE FORM INSTRUCTIONS B.PDF                    ARRL RADIO GRAM FORM.PDF                                                          ARRL ARES FIELD RESOURCE MANUAL.PDF                                ARRL ARES Field Resources Manual.PDF                              ARRL NATIONAL TRAFFIC SYSTEM_NTS.PDF                    PHONETIC ALPHABET_RST SYSTEM.PDF                  Guernsey Co EMA Emergency Operations Plan                Ready-National PSA Campaign                                                    Red Cross Disaster Preparedness                                            SAFE WATER 1.PDF                                                                                  SAFE WATER 2.PDF                                                                          SAFE WATER 3.PDF                                                                            SAFE WATER 4.PDF                                                                            Skywarn Reporting Criteria pg1.PDF                                Skywarn Reporting Criteria pg2.PDF                              Skywarn Reporting Criteria PG3

GCARES (Guernsey County Amateur Radio Emergency Service) meets on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. The Guernsey County ARES’ purpose is to assist the residents of Guernsey and surrounding counties with supplementary radio communications for public events and civil emergencies. Our organization is a long-standing member of the Guernsey County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and works in close collaboration with all public and emergency organizations of Guernsey County. 


The National Weather Service (NWS), developed Skywarn to aid reporting local weather information from the field in times of emergencies. Local operators function as trained weather spotters and provide weather information to the NWS via amateur radio.


During the first weekend In October, the County Emergency Coordinator will design a scenario and have the ARES members take part in a drill in preparedness for a county-wide disaster.