The Cambridge Amateur Radio Association (CARA) was founded in 1913 and has remained in continuous operation except when radio silence was mandated by WWI and II. During the Korean conflict members of the club passed messages to servicemen overseas. The club has also mobilized during times of local distress, such as the flood of 1998.

W8VP (the club's callsign) also prides itself in frequent service to local public events. We have provided communications for the Cambridge Holiday Parade every year since 1979. 

 Waller-McMunn Radio Station

We need your help in moving the Waller-McMunn Radio Station from its current location on Gaston Avenue near the Senior Citizens Center to its new home at Dave Adair's place on US 40 east of Cambridge.  The building belongs to the club, and Mr. Adair, a local historian has generously volunteered to let us keep it near his railroad buildings and equipment such as his caboose.  

We have been given an estimate of $700 by the Dutch Barn Builders on US 22.  A small club like ours does not have that kind of money to spend on this project without donations and fund raisers.  Fortunately, Shon Gress, the Director of the Senior Citizens Center, which has purchased that land where it presently sits, has told us that we will not have to move it before late spring or early summer next year; however, we would like to do it this year.  Then we can clean it, paint it, and make a plaque for it before we have a Special Event Station there.  The future goal after that is to find and/or reproduce a replica of the original station's equipment and have an open house next year. Help preserve and restore a piece of history.